Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you are upset about the economy, think about this . . .

Most of us look at our government and shake our heads at their inabilty to accomplish anything, but could we be just as much to blame for our economic situation?

When we go to buy groceries, clothing, or luxuries, how often do we look for the "Made in America" stamp? If you shop at Walmart, whose items are overwhelmingly made in China, only 6 cents of every dollar you spend stays in the local economy. Conversely, shopping at local stores, or buying American-made goods, keeps ten times that amount in the local economy. That's 60 cents for every dollar spent going back into your local economy.

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As we shop at big box stores and buy foreign goods, money is drained from our economy. With less money in our economy, local businesses don't have the consumer spending or capital to encourage them to hire more workers. As less people are working, less money in the form of taxes goes into our local and federal government.

Yes, our government has proven to be a mess at the moment, but we can take some action into our own hands. If you can, please at least look for American made goods every time you shop. If you can't find any brands of a certain product that are made in America, try to at least find one made in a country that also promotes good working conditions. The next time you have to buy a gift, you could even search through the local artists on Etsy. You can also shop at your local farmer's market to get fresh and local groceries.

Shopping locally is one proactive action you can take to directly help the U.S. economy. As an American artisan, I know that I would not be able to earn a living without my customers. As I try to purchase only American made goods as well, I hope that the money I make can continue to help the local economy. If we all shop in this way, perhaps we can all pull ourselves out of the economic mess long before our political leaders are able to.


  1. more than great points you have here. I'll be the first to admit 'they' make shopping at big box stores just TOO easy, but slowly and surely I've started to transform my shopping habits! Start small- like you've said- buy produce at a Farmer's Market. And then, at the next birthday party shop a local gallery or Etsy (local). Small steps lead to big leaps for sure!

  2. I've really been thinking about this alot lately, especially since Etsy seems to be turning a blind eye to a lot of Chinese mass-production and resellers on the site. In fact, they even posted a blog about handmade items in China but they pulled it about an hour later because of all the negative comments they got. I really can't understand how they can believe that Chinese products (handmade or not) are anything to be celebrated. Most of these products require the workers to work in horrible conditions and make slave wages. It's so disheartening that even companies I once thought to be ethical are starting to believe that there is some justification for buying Chinese. I hope that we can vote with our dollars and make enough of a difference to change these attitudes for the better. Thanks for your support!